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Our values

Our company sustainability lies in its adaptive capacity while preserving its fundamentals values, as a base of our company culture. Has four, they govern our daily work and determine our choices:

Meet our commitments and customer satisfaction

SOGECLAIR Aerospace is a lasting partner for its customers, creating value for them, based on understanding and anticipating their needs and expectations, quality at all levels of the relationship, proximity with their operations and responsive service.

The diversity of our services and the customization of our offer, from technological assistance to complete delegation, allow our customers to decide the scope on the basis of their needs.

We mobilize our energies to meet our commitments to customers and partners, external and internal.

Innovation is a key driver of development

Revealing and producer of motivation, the capacity to innovate create value as well for our customers as for the differents sectors of the company: process, methods, marketing…

SOGECLAIR Aerospace encourages the emergence of innovations by a dedicated cell, in charge of collecting innovating ideas and of promote them in the company. Its involvement in R&D programs and several poles of competences make SOGECLAIR Aerospace a real laboratory of ideas.

Relations based on confidence

As shown by its very low level of staff turnover, SOGECLAIR Aerospace has proven its ability to keep an accessible management style that promotes self-esteem. This corporate culture can be seen clearly in our customer relations based on quality and continuous improvement, attentiveness, reliability, responsiveness and being pro-active.

Whether they are engineers, developers or work in a support function, SOGECLAIR Aerospace’s staff share simple and essential values: attentiveness to others, respect for commitments made, a taste for challenges, satisfaction with a job well-done, and that’s what explains the great loyalty of our customers.

Involvement in sustainable development

In a context where the ethical, environmental and societal impacts are a mainstay of the survival of businesses and world of tomorrow, SOGECLAIR Aerospace recognizes sustainability as a factor of change and progress for all stakeholders.

Eager to reduce its environmental footprint, SOGECLAIR Aerospace promotes for its internal, solutions preserving natural resources and incorporates eco-design as a driver of innovation. SOGECLAIR Aerospace invests in social development, through a policy of proactive management skills encouraging mobility and progression of its staff The attention paid to young graduates and students, its investment in schools to support their training and concern for the regional base of each of its locations demonstrate the active role of SOGECLAIR Aerospace in societal development.