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Systems installation

Systems installation

Systems installation

Systems Installation

SOGECLAIR Aerospace is a well recognized company in Europe in the systems installation domain, offering a large diversity of services to our customers in various programs. Always loyal to our philosophy, SOGECLAIR Aerospace is a strong engineering partner for you due to our specialization in aeronautical engineering, our ability to provide new technological solutions and the high quality standards we maintain.

Skills and know how

Based on over 15 years of experience, we have developed a wide range of services to provide solutions adapted to the customers' requirements in different systems, from architecture to development :

  • - Electrical systems, functional definition and installation.
  • - Mechanical systems, hydraulic, fuel, air conditioning and cabin & interiors.
  • - Flight test installations
  • - MAP and manufacturing support


To succeed in these activities the pillars of SOGECLAIR Aerospace has:

  • - A group of technical experts identified in every domain
  • - Training centers to guarantee our know-how is shared across the team
  • - Our own definition of methods & process including robust continuous improvement
  • - Strong management in place to fulfill the required specifications
  • - High quality standards


Added value

The key to success for Sogeclair Aerospace in the systems installation domain relies on the deep know-how of the systems, a transnational cooperation to support our customers with harmonized and innovative methods, and real partnerships with solid manufacturing and engineering companies which reinforce our own capabilities.

SOGECLAIR Aerospace is a company oriented to the future, always in continuous improvement and very close to the client. Our goal is to satisfy the customers’ expectation and be active part of the changing process and needs to adapt our solutions.

Systems installation