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Our processes and certifications

From technological assistance to complete delegation, from stress analysis to certification, SOGECLAIR AEROSPACE offers to its customers a customized process and is committed to obtaining results in the forms of Technological Assistance, work packages or Equipment supply).

To carry on these projects requiring a full main contractor management, in an effective and efficient way, SOGECLAIR Aerospace has developed an consistent internal organization based on:

    • • Processes: Scheduling the product life cycle, identifying milestones, stakeholders and acceptation criteria, including risks analysis as well on the product as on the project, based on solid project management requirements.

    • • Methods: allowing improving efficiency and robustness as well on our deliverables production as project management.

    • • IT means: a secure, performing and adaptable IT system allowing communication with our customers and suppliers.

Continual improvement is a major focus of the company, as improvements are necessary to ensure our continued competitiveness to secure new business and satisfy our customer requirements.

SOGECLAIR AEROSPACE organisation lays on a transnational management system integrating quality, environment and information security, based on EN9100, ISO14001 and ISO27001 standards.

This allows us to give the best service by dealing in one time the whole expectations of our customers.

Health & safety are managed at local level due to national requirements.

SOGECLAIR AEROSPACE is certified ISO 9001 since 1994 et EN9100 since 2005.