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Our IT Infrastructure & Network

SOGECLAIR Aerospace implements all the required means to provide its customers with industrial solutions in its fields of competences, with in particular more than 10 m² of premises per employee (that to say more than 10 000 m² globally).

The SOGECLAIR Aerospace IT infrastructure provides a secure environment and allows us to exchange data with our customers as well as with our subcontractors, whatever the partners’ tools. To support the extended enterprise concept, SOGECLAIR Aerospace IT network has moved to a high performance private data center that enables to make SOGECLAIR Aerospace to communicate and exchange data throughout Europe and with more remote sites.

This kind of approach combined with and our specific data management tool allows us to share work packages between facilities and to dispatch the workload in a secure way.

All SOGECLAIR sites are organized the same way in accordance with ISO 27001 recommendations Data security and confidentiality is a key parameter for developing and maintening a transnational approach to deliver customer requirements and expectations.